Helping to make companies more successful is our business. With deep expertise in both strategy and marketing, our services go beyond conventional categories of management consulting. We enrich strategic thinking by adding insights about customers and competitors and by unveiling the trends that will change the marketplace. Not only do we help our clients to position both their brands and offerings. We also formulate strategies to improve customer acquisition and retention and develop compelling concepts for new products and services.


The Future of Content Marketing
Content marketing is disrupting marketing communications. But what does the future of content marketing look like? What are the key challenges?

Success Factors of Market Orientation
Market orientation is commonly seen as a simple formula for success in business practice. However, recent research indicates that market orientation is not a magic bullet.

Keynote at BCM Congress 2016
Clemens Koob, MD at zehnvier, held a keynote at the leading conference on Content Marketing in Hamburg, Germany. He presented the latest Content Marketing trends.

The State of TV Advertising Research
If you want to know what makes advertising effective, read our new report. It provides an overview of the state of knowledge in TV advertising research.

Media of the Future 2020
Which trends will shape the media landscape over the next years? And what are the implications for marketers?

The alpha and omega of motivation
Leadership behavior is crucial for employee motivation. Repect and trust are the basis for success. Read our article in io management.